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How You Can Help Honor a Special Person

Did you know...

One hundred percent of your donation goes directly to a young person, and it is 100 percent tax deductible.

If you’d like to honor someone who has played a special role in your life by creating a scholarship in their name, contact us today!


Chances are, someone special has helped you succeed in life through their love and support. Maybe it was financial support or maybe it was consistent guidance. Whatever form it came in, many foster youth don’t have such support.

According to national statistics, only between 3 and 10 percent of foster youth ever graduate from college. Lack of appropriate guidance and financial need are some of the reasons for these dismal figures. Together we can turn these numbers around through our Sponsored Scholarship Program.

What better way to recognize a loved one’s legacy than to give to a deserving student in their name? When you contribute to the Sponsored Scholarship Program, you can feel secure knowing that our wraparound services provide the guidance, support and funding students need to thrive in college.

And it shows; over 61 percent of FC2S Scholars graduate within five years – a rate 10 times that of other foster youth and higher than the national average for all students.

Specifically, the Sponsored Scholarship Program funds tuition, fees, school supplies and approved living expenses for students at community colleges, public and private universities and career programs all across the country.

“My husband and I were fortunate enough to have loving, supportive parents who helped us go to college. We realize there are many kids in this world that aren’t as fortunate, and since we don’t have any children of our own to put through college, we sponsor a scholarship through Foster Care to Success. We decided to honor family members who played an important role in our life by naming the scholarship after them. The experience has been so rewarding! We receive regular reports about how our student is doing, and also hear personally from her from time to time.” – Barbara and Marshall Grimes, sponsors of the Morrow/Grimes Scholarship

Create a Legacy  

You can make a donation of $2,500, $5,000 or more to the Sponsored Scholarship Program in honor of a loved one, in your family name, or to recognize your organization or other affiliation. One hundred percent of your donation goes directly to a young person, and it is 100 percent tax deductible. And within certain parameters, you can define this Named Scholarship.

For example, John Smith named his scholarship in honor of his parents, Jeffrey and Margaret Smith, who were both accountants. He decided that he would like his scholarship to go specifically to an accounting major from the state of Illinois, where his parents live.

Julia B., the Smith Scholar, writes John and Margaret Smith a thank you letter and mid-year email update through Foster Care to Success (FC2S), and FC2S in turn updates the Smiths periodically on her progress. What’s more, continued annual contributions can support Julia until she graduates with her degree, certificate or diploma.

A Network of Support

Every FC2S Sponsored Scholar receives the resources they need to do well in school and graduate, including personal support from the FC2S Scholarship Team, academic and career coaching, three care packages a year, and the opportunity to apply for the FC2S InternAmerica Program.

Get to know the students who have benefited from our programs!

 “I know for a fact that if I hadn’t had the money from my sponsor, it would have been impossible to stay in school.” — Ray N., Florida A&M University

 “Knowing somebody, by name, who cared enough to support my college education made such a big difference.  I still have all the notes they sent me through the Scholarship Program, and when I graduated they were the first people who got the announcement!”  - Amy W., University of California Monterey Bay

“I’ve been sponsored by the same family for the past three years.  When I make good grades, I’m always so grateful that their generosity enables me to spend more hours studying than working.”  Roberta N., Mills College



“No one wants to believe that any child or young person must face life totally and endlessly without anyone in this world who is kin. Helping him is like dropping a pebble in a brook and watching the ripples go out and out.” - Mary H., Morgantown, W.V. (sponsor)