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Our Programs The Sponsored Scholarship Program

Each year, FC2S connects hundreds of sponsors like you to college-bound youth aging out of foster care – giving you the opportunity to help fund an education for a foster youth.

National statistics reveal that only between 3 and 10 percent of foster youth graduate from college. Insufficient support, lack of appropriate guidance and financial need are some of the reasons for these somber figures.

Foster Care to Success (FC2S) is helping foster youth beat the odds through our Sponsored Scholarship Program. The program’s web of services provide the guidance, support and funding our students need to not only survive, but thrive in college.

foster care scholarshipAnd it shows; 61 percent of FC2S Scholars graduate within five years – a rate higher than the national average for all students.

How does the Sponsored Scholarship Program work?

The Sponsored Scholarship Program funds tuition and certain approved living expenses for students at community colleges, public and private universities and career programs all across the country.

The program is a true helping hand; people like you reach into their hearts and pockets to see a young person through school.

And it’s not only individuals who can give. Organizations and corporations can invest in our country’s future by underwriting scholarships through the Foster Care to Success Foundation.

Learn more about how YOU can sponsor a student today!

What else do scholars receive?

Every FC2S Sponsored Scholar receives the support they need to do well in school and graduate, including personal support from the FC2S Scholarship Team; academic and career coaching; three care packages a year; and the opportunity to apply for our Aim Higher Fellows Program.

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information on the Sponsored Scholarship Program, contact our Scholarships and Grants team.

“Receiving a scholarship has definitely shaped my life. Going to college helps me to rise above what people believe that foster children can accomplish...to become an adult, make something of myself, and take advantage of all the things this country has to offer.” - Maria K., Brigham Young University