on foster care issues:

Success StoriesIn Their Own Words

Foster youth are activists, poets, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, and travelers.

Too often they are depicted solely from the perspective of their foster care background. Their words and actions prove that they are much more than that – with support and hard work they can be, and are, confident, successful members of their communities. Every day, our students act on their dreams and raise their voices on behalf of the things they believe in.

Recently, several of them spoke out on what the Care Package Program means to them.  

I am Not Alone!

By Panny, East Carolina University In college there are many times where I feel like I am often alone and have no one to turn to, especially during the moments where I feel lost and clueless about the direction of my life. Although I have past experiences that I want to forget, I am also [...]

Daily Reminders that Someone Cares

By Torri, Missouri State University My freshman year of college was a pretty stressful time as I balanced school and finding a job that fit my class schedule. I received my first care package around Valentine’s Day, which was the perfect time because I really needed a pick me up. There were chocolates, which I [...]

A Connection to Strangers

By Josh, Syracuse University When I sit and think on it, I still well up with emotion as I remember every care package I received from Orphan Foundation of America (OFA). Each package included a combination of items that somehow met all my needs as a college student. The first thing I would usually notice [...]

Birthday and Christmas All in One

James, University of South Carolina In 2006, while attending Georgia Military College, I was accepted into the Orphan Foundation of America Scholarship Program (now called Foster Care to Success). I was so thrilled to receive the acceptance letter because I knew the scholarship would be an enormous help. Not only was I awarded the scholarship [...]