Our Programs Reach USA

Missouri and North Carolina offer unique statewide grant programs so their foster youth can attend public colleges, and they asked FC2S to administer them based on our record of success.




In 2007, the North Carolina State Legislature, recognizing that their responsibility to the children in their foster care system extended beyond food, clothing and shelter, established a statewide education grant for foster youth and adoptees. Missouri followed suit in 2010. Foster Care to Success  is proud to have designed and developed both of these programs, which we call NC Reach and Missouri Reach.


Reach USA’s Impact:

  • North Carolina and Missouri Reach exemplify a growing awareness on the part of state governments that supporting their young people is an investment in the future well-being of their citizens.
  • These programs promote the adoption of teenagers by helping newly created families offset the cost of higher education at public institutions.

Reach USA’s Goals:

  • FC2S is working with educational organizations, the business community, and foster care advocates across the country to encourage other states to join the Reach USA movement.
  • A robust economy requires educated workers, and state Reach Programs meet and exceed this requirement by ensuring that those youth who have been in their care have the opportunity and means to attend college and contribute to the state’s well being.