How You Can Help Get Your Organization Involved

Did you know...

Our work has been acknowledged by Congress, the Department of Health and Human Services, and every White House Administration since that of George Bush, Sr. in 1989.

Organizational generosity is critical to our students’ success, but it’s a two-way street. The benefits to your organization can be enormous as well — volunteerism and community activism promote employee satisfaction; your company’s support of education for this vulnerable population elicits public good will; and your concern for foster youth can earn their later loyalty as consumers.

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A History of Powerful Partnerships

Our long list of established sponsors, from FedEx to Oracle attests to the incredible partnerships we’ve built on behalf of foster youth. Whether it be in the form of a summer internship or a donation of thousands of Otis Spunkmeyer cookies generously contributed to our college care packages, together with partners like you we provide foster youth with solid resources and consistent encouragement.

Sponsor Care Packages

Our Care Package Program sends foster youth the tangible support that they often lack, and it’s an opportunity for organizations to make a contribution that will be remembered for a lifetime. We rely on businesses and charitable organizations to donate the items that fill our student care packages. We couldn’t send 7,500 care packages annually without these in-kind contributions, which range from school supplies to snacks, from T-shirts to posters, and from personal care items to software and toys like Frisbees, Hackey Sacks and yo-yos. Gift cards to national chains are another very popular item, because students can use them to choose their own dorm supplies, books, groceries and other needed items.

There are many ways for your organization to get involved in our Care Package Program. You can:

  • Contribute 500 or more of any one item to include in the packages.
  • Host a workplace charitable drive – collect gift cards or contributions along with signed notes of support and encouragement for students.
  • Help underwrite program expenses with a donation.

Sponsor Scholarships

Care packages and coaches motivate students to succeed, but it is scholarships and grants that get them to school in the first place.

Sponsored scholarships fund tuition and certain approved living expenses for students at community colleges, public and private universities and career programs nationwide. Every gift makes a profound difference in the lives of foster youth in college.

  • $1,500 provides books and supplies for one student for one year.
  • $2,500 helps one community college student attend classes for one year.
  • $5,000 helps one university student attend classes for one year.

Consider sponsoring a special foster youth or cohort of students from foster care.  This vital support will change their lives as they move from foster care to success through postsecondary education.

Click here to find out more, or contact Dana Brown, Director of Scholarships and Grants.