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Foster Care to Success provides $15M in funding for college, training and student support programs annually.

Studies show young adults rely on their families for emotional support and some financial assistance until they are 26 years old.

So what happens to foster youth who age out of the system when they’re younger than 26?

Annually, approximately 5,000 turn to Foster Care to Success (FC2S) for the support they cannot get from a parent or guardian – like financial backing for college in the form of scholarships and grants, care packages and family-like encouragement, academic and personal mentoring, and help with internships and employment readiness skills.

Comprehensive, Family-like Support

Every student receives not only financial assistance but mentoring, career coaching, care packages, and birthday and holiday cards – AND they can call us 24-7 if they need to.

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Casey Family Services Alumni Scholarship

                 If you’re a verifiable alumnus of Casey Family Services Foster Care in: Connecticut Maine Maryland Massachusetts New Hampshire Rhode Island Vermont Between the ages of 16 and 49 (at the time of your application) and you’re Thinking about, starting, or currently attending college or university in pursuit of a certificate, associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s […]

Reach USA

Missouri and North Carolina offer unique statewide grant programs so their foster youth can attend public colleges, and they asked FC2S to administer them based on our record of success.

Student Care Packages

Cards and cookies from home are important to college students.  Sadly, few foster youth receive them.   That’s why Foster Care to Success developed the Care Package Program.  Each school year, our students receive two care packages to help them feel just like their college peers.  Opening a box stuffed with goodies, having something to […]

FC2S Student Emergency Fund and Book Club

            Covid-19 Will Push College Age Foster Youth Into Homelessness Without Emergency Assistance Since 1981, Foster Care to Success (FC2S) has helped 25,599 youth attend colleges across the country. These young people are some of the most vulnerable in this time of economic upheaval; childhood trauma has had a lifelong […]

Academic Success Coaching

Foster Care to Success has always known that young people need the support of caring adults in order to thrive; we have been mentoring our students since 1981.   College-bound foster youth may feel especially alone with no family or community connections, and a history of moving often and attending multiple schools may have left […]

Education Training Vouchers

Seven states have partnered with FC2S to help current and former foster youth pay for college and provide the support they need to be successful.  

Casey Family Scholars

Since 2000 we have administered nearly $13M in Casey Family scholarships to 1,240 former foster youth, with 807 graduates to date.

Scholarships and Grants

FC2S partners with organizations, foundations, and individuals to deliver scholarships to foster youth across the country. With this funding and our support, hundreds of young people reach their educational goals every year.   CLICK HERE FOR STUDENT/APPLICANT INFORMATION  

Typically, less than 10 percent of foster youth graduate from college. With our support, that number rises dramatically: over 61 percent of our scholars graduate within five years, a percentage higher than that of the overall U.S. population!