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FC2S partners with organizations, foundations, and individuals to deliver scholarships to foster youth across the country. With this funding and our support, hundreds of young people reach their educational goals every year.










Foster Care to Success has provided scholarships since 1991;  in 2000 we restructured the program and since then have awarded over $15M to 2,000 students in all 50 states. We are proud of our graduation rate of 65%, with a persistence rate of 75% – both higher than those of the general population of college students.

Foster Care to Success Sponsored Scholarships – This program is funded by organizations, individuals and families across the country, giving them the opportunity to help fund foster youths’ postsecondary education so they can achieve brighter futures.

  • $1,500 provides books and supplies for one student for one year
  • $2,500 helps a community college student attend classes for one year
  • $5,000 helps a university student attend classes for one year

Scholarship Sponsors:

  • Brittany Graduation 2014Name their scholarship after a family, organization, or belief
  • Determine eligibility criteria including gender, major, or home state
  • Receive thank you notes from and regular updates regarding their student(s)
  • Know that their donation goes straight to the student and is 100% tax deductible


To find out how you can help foster youth earn an education and obtain the skills needed to get good jobs and become productive, contributing members of their communities, email support@fc2success.org or call 571.203.0270.

Casey Family Programs (CFP) – We have worked with CFP since 2000 to administer the Casey Family Scholarship Program for undergraduate students, as well as special scholarships for youth of color and graduate students.  As CFP redirects their organizational focus to the 2020 vision and Communities of Hope, their scholarship funding is being invested in credential programs at community colleges that offer a streamlined pathway to the workforce.  For this reason, the Casey Family Scholarship Program will no longer accept new students.  Foster Care to Success and the many CFSP graduates and program alumni appreciate their long-time support.

The Casey Family Services Alumni Scholarship – This program is open to those who were part of Casey Family Services Foster Care in Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island or Vermont, and provides up to $10,000 over the course of a college career.

CEJT: Continuing Education and Job Training Program – This program is open to those who received services from Casey Family Programs in Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Washington or Wyoming and covers vocational, undergraduate and graduate studies.

Education and Training Vouchers (ETV) – Foster Care to Success administers this federally-funded, state-run college grant program for foster youth in seven states (Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio) and the District of Columbia.  In most states, eligible students may receive grants of up to $5,000 per academic year.




Foster Care to Success Thanks our 2020-21 Scholarship sponsors:

Alliant Credit Union
The Annie E. Casey Foundation
Casey Family Programs

Ahmad Scholarship
Amy Baron Cohen Scholarship
Bayer Scholarship
Braney Scholarship
Brown Barry Scholarship
BTL Scholarship
Cascade Foundation Scholarship
Cimaomo Scholarship
Cochrane Scholarship
Community Foundation of Northern Virginia Scholarship
Cooper Family Partnership Scholarship
Cricenti Family Scholarship
David V. Keyes Memorial Scholarship
Davis Scholarship
Dinorah Arana de Penalva Scholarship
Dr. Julius A. Cohen Scholarship
Emanuel Scholarship
Finn Scholarship
First Star Scholarship
Flagg Rocca Family Scholarship
Folstad McCumber Scholarship
Gallagher Scholarship
Gray Scholarship
Harris Scholarship
Hart Bailey Scholarship
Hightower Clark Memorial Scholarship
Hichme Family Scholarship
Hulston Scholarship
J & F Strachan Charitable Foundation Scholarship
Jacobs Scholarship
James Bell Scholarship
Jennifer Keller Scholarship
Jill L. Meinzer Scholarship
John 14:18 Scholarship
John and Irene Patitucci Memorial Scholarship
Kabakoff Scholarship
Kastory Family Foundation Scholarship
Kintsugi Scholarship
Knitspot Scholarship
Knuff Scholarship
Kurtzweil Family Scholarship
Leon Scholarship
McCurdy Ring Scholarship
McKee Family Foundation Scholarship
Morrow Grimes Scholarship
Moss Scholarship
Naomi’s Fund Scholarship
Nichols Scholarship
Pearson Scholarship
Pincek Scholarship
Priog Scholarship
Ports Scholarship
Powers Pyles Sutter and Verville PC Scholarship
Prober Scholarship
Prothero Scholarship
Rutledge Memorial Scholarship
Saiger Scholarship
Seibert Scholarship
SFI, LLC Scholarship
Sherman Scholarship
Stone Scholarship
Taylor Scholarship
Vaselaar Scholarship
Villanueva Scholarship
W. Second Growth Foundation Scholarship
Wargo Scholarship
Worth Scholarship
Yamarik Scholarship