4 Ways to Spin Your Thanksgiving

FC2S Staff | November 25th, 2014


Have you ever helped your foster brother with his homework? Or listened to your best friend vent about a bad breakup?

Didn’t it feel great to know you were able to help someone else, especially after your brother or friend thanked you for lending a hand in their time of need?

Now imagine that giddy feeling…TIMES TEN!

Volunteering at a mission or shelter for the homeless this holiday season will help you feel on top of the world as you give of yourself to those who have less than you. Imagine that mother’s smile as you pour her children a cup of soup, or that elderly man’s warm embrace as he thanks you for sitting with him in a nursing home.

You can visit a hospital or even serve in a shelter. No matter the good deed, volunteering on Thanksgiving will help you be a blessing to others while also reminding you of the many things you have to be thankful for.


Want to know the guarantee to an enjoyable holiday? Friends.

Turn your Thanksgiving into a “Friendsgiving” by inviting a few friends over to enjoy good food, great conversation and lifelong memories.

Friendsgiving is the perfect occasion to celebrate the gift of life with the gift of friendship.

Relax at home

After a busy day at work and back-to-back finals, there’s nothing greater than coming home to your warm, comfy bed.

The holidays are no different.

If you want to spend your day relaxing at home, follow Nike and Just Do It!

Enjoy your favorite meal, take a bubble bath or treat yourself to something you’ve wanted for a while.

It’s your well-deserved day off, and you can and should spend it however you want to.

Create Your own Tradition

The very first Thanksgiving celebration took place in 1621. And, as well all know, a lot has changed since then!

Who says Thanksgiving has to mean football, carving turkey and stuffing your face with pumpkin pie? Maybe you’d like to attend a church service, catch a movie or check out a concert with some friends?

It’s 2014 and the America we live in is much different than when the Pilgrims first arrived. Don’t be afraid to embrace the new millennium and create your own holiday traditions—even if they seem to go against the “norm.”

Celebrate this Thanksgiving in ways that are fun and meaningful to you!

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