Bert C., aspiring doctor

FC2S Staff | May 6th, 2014


Bert dreams of becoming a doctor. He wants to serve other people, and apply the skills he is learning at Kent State University. Currently, he struggles in his Chemistry class, but he seeks out campus resources and believes that he will succeed.

This summer he will volunteer with an organization that helps victims of sex trafficking. He will also assist at a local hospital and gain valuable experience for his future career.

Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, foster care, Bert didn’t know for sure what would happen to him. His journey involved a process of gaining confidence in himself and realizing what his goals were, as well as what it would take to accomplish them. He works closely with the support system available at Foster Care to Success. Each day he remembers his goals and takes a series of small steps to reach them.

Step by step, we have been happy to assist him.

Tomorrow, meet Nina.

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