Birthday and Christmas All in One

FC2S Staff | May 15th, 2015

James, University of South Carolina

In 2006, while attending Georgia Military College, I was accepted into the Orphan Foundation of America Scholarship Program (now called Foster Care to Success). I was so thrilled to receive the acceptance letter because I knew the scholarship would be an enormous help.

Not only was I awarded the scholarship for more than six years, I also received yearly care packages along with a few Walmart gift cards.

Wearing a big smile, I would meet the mailman at the front door every time the care packages were delivered. I felt like I got More than a Box because care packages were more than sweet goodies and hand-knitted fluffy scarves. Care packages were all the world to me. They were my hope, initially saving my life.

I remember mailing pages from my journal to myself just to get mail while on campus—but care packages changed all that. Care packages were my birthday gifts and Christmas presents. Those boxes meant knowing that the person who created the package truly cared for me because no one else sent me birthday cards, cookies, Christmas cards, book supplies, and other necessities.

Having received care packages over the years has inspired me to think those less fortunate. The continuous boxes inspired me to participate and volunteer in the ‘Relay for Life’ event while I attended the University of South Carolina. I walked for cancer research, and volunteers put together care packages for me. Now, isn’t that cool?

Over the years, I’ve been able to give some scarves away as gifts. Even though I don’t have them anymore, I still have warm memories of how those scarves felt around my neck during those cold chilly months. I saw them as fashionable & stylish with a blast of love.

I am truly grateful for my life and what my great future holds for me, and I am thankful for the people who are in my life helping me along the path to be self-sufficient. Thank you so much.

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