Issues Day Panel Speaker: Daniayla Stein’s Journey to Success

FC2S Staff | June 19th, 2015

Daniayla Stein, Communications Specialist at InSight Telepsychiatry

Daniayla Stein, Communications Specialist at InSight Telepsychiatry

The class of 2015 Aim Higher Fellows all took a risk this summer when they committed to our program designed to help them understand the realities of receiving a post-secondary education, getting a job and becoming successful young professionals. Some had never been on a plane, some had never left their hometowns, and almost all of them had never been around a group of other foster youth in one place. Despite the unknowns, they all took a step to discover more.

Seek more to know more. This was the idea behind the Fellows’ “Issues Day Panel,” where five socially conscious experts visited the Marymount campus to speak with our students about issues that could expand their pathways to success, as well as better our future.

One of which affects 50-75% of foster youth, the issue is behavioral health. Daniayla Stein of InSight Telepsychiatry passionately shared her company’s mission to increase behavioral health care through technological advances that is commonly referred to as telehealth.

Foster Care to Success caught up with Daniayla to learn more about why participating in Issues Day was important and what has attributed to her #journeytosuccess.

Q: Why was it important for you to be a part of Issues Day?

A: My organization is trying to expand access to those who wouldn’t have access to traditional means; to have the opportunity to speak to people who have personally experienced this challenge is very meaningful for me.

Q: Why are you passionate about increasing access to behavioral healthcare?

A:  Approximately 96% of counties in the U.S. has unmet needs for prescribers; behavioral health is largely undertreated and misunderstood. Behavioral health should be just as important to physical health, and I would argue it’s more important. When you’re young behavioral health is the difference between building a successful and healthy life.

Q: What advice would you give to students that are interested in getting in this field?

A: I encourage students that may be interested to read the news, follow credible sources, legislative practice, and to learn the mental health parity (treating mental health the same for physical health).

Always ask a lot of questions and become knowledgeable, this is the best way to advocate in any field. Above all, you should be passionate and willing to learn anything.

Q: What was or is the most important factor in your journey to success?

A: Success is something you’re always reaching for, as soon as you think you’ve reached success you’re likely just settling and you will miss out on something that will take you even further.

The most important factor in my success thus far has been my tenacity. It’s hard to find a job after college, I got a lot of no’s but you can’t see them as a final end point – they’re just bumps along your path. It’s easy to give up with the first few no’s but that’s how people do things they don’t care about. You have to reach beyond the no’s, never stop looking for what you need.

Daniayla Stein joined InSight in summer 2013. As the Digital Communications Specialist, Daniayla Stein is responsible for the company’s digital messaging including management of the company websites, social media and blog. She also develops and creates company media, including videos and newsletters, and the production of promotional media and marketing materials. As Inpathy’s Provider Marketing Specialist, she helps Inpathy providers develop marketing strategies for their virtual practices. Stein comes to InSight with a background in graphic design, digital media, and research, and believes that access to health care should be a given, not a matter of proximity or cost.

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