Living the Dream

FC2S Staff | July 9th, 2012

DaShae Dunbar is a pyschology major who hopes to go into counseling. She wrote us a quick note about how her Aim Higher fellowship is working out. Sounds like she’s living the dream!

Once again I have been blessed with an opportunity from Foster Care to Success (FC2S) – in the form of a Washington, DC Aim Higher Fellowship. I say once again because, initially, being a part of FC2S’ Education Training Voucher program provided me with the opportunity to go to the school that I wanted to attend and not have to worry as much about the financial issues. I am extremely grateful for this support, and extremely excited about my internship!

I’ve been interning in the office of Senator Roy Blunt, the representative from my home state, Missouri. Not only have I learned so much about politics, public policy and how our government works, but I’ve learned a lot from the weekly seminars offered through the InternAmerica program. These seminars have covered everything from how to dress professionally to how to handle finances. I never would have imagined working on Capitol Hill last year but I now realize that this is just the beginning of the heights I plan to reach. I have no doubt that between the internship and the seminars, my dream job is just around the corner!

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