New Documentary Showcases World of Foster Care Through Animation, Community Storytelling

FC2S Staff | March 14th, 2015

Current and former foster youth are joining their voices to reframe the discussion about foster care—one YouTube video at a time.

Using video, animation, storytelling and social media, the Foster Care Film and Community Engagement Project offers the foster care community various ways to share experiences and enlighten others about the world of foster care.

Directed by Yasmin Mistry, an Emmy-nominated designer and animator and CASA volunteer, the new project will showcase various aspects of the foster care community, told by those who know it best.

The project includes:

  • a series of live action short films about foster care (see the trailer to the first one, Feeling Wanted);
  • a feature animated documentary film about foster care (currently in production); and
  • a web series featuring snapshots from the world of foster care, told through the words of foster youth, social workers, mentors, and foster parents.

The project is currently showcasing a YouTube Snapshots web-series, including the story of Charell Star Charleston.

Charleston, a former foster youth, recalls only having a trash bag to hold her belongings when moving.

“One of the things I could never understand is why we don’t give kids suitcases,” Charell says. “Having your personal items thrown in a trash bag—it makes you feel really small.”

Many foster care organizations have partnered with the new project, including Together We Rise, which, among other things, helps change the way foster youth experience the system by replacing trash bags with supply filled sweet cases.

Want to learn more about Foster Care Film? Visit to follow the project and discover how you can get involved.

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