Oklahoma Congressman Opens His Heart and Home to Two Adopted Daughters

FC2S Staff | June 16th, 2015

Photo Credit: Congressman Markwayne Mullin

Photo Credit: Congressman Markwayne Mullin

Markwayne and wife Christie were learning to adjust their hectic lives to his Washington duties. His three children, Jim (11), Andrew (9), Larra (6), were managing practices, homework and other family commitments, when the family fell in love with Ivy and Lynette (now 4). The twins had been living separately with two of Christie’s elderly 70 year old aunts. Although the girls were getting the love and care from the women, Christie felt compelled that her family should step in to bring the sisters together and raise them as their own daughters.

Markwayne was initially reluctant; he worried about the demands of the transition to Washington, the impact on his children, if the young girls would feel comfortable, and if he could love the children as his own. However, after much time in prayer and the support from his children, Markwayne realized the truth.

“We were Mommy and Daddy from day one and those daughters were our daughters from day one,” Markwayne said.

The family adopted the twins and formed an instant bond with them. Christie noted how taken her children were to Ivy and Lynette; she remembers how they responded when she and Markwayne sought their insight on the prospect of adopting them.

“Mommy, they need a daddy and a mommy just like we do,” she recalls them saying. She was moved to tears by the love they poured over the girls.

The adoption process moved quickly and the Mullin family has grown both in numbers and love. Inspirational stories like Markwayne reminds us what abundance we can gain when we give.

“All of our hearts have gotten bigger. All of us understand it’s not about us. You live this life being selfish, you’re not going to enjoy it like you will when you open your heart and your home up,” Markwayne said.

Foster Care to Success acknowledges this article was written with the help of USA Today: http://www.today.com/parents/congressman-reflects-sudden-decision-adopt-twins-t26256


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