Tyler B. is achieving his goals

FC2S Staff | May 27th, 2014



Twenty-nine year old Tyler just received his associate degree – with honors – in Behavioral Science from Northeast Community College in Nebraska, and will now pursue his bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology from Wayne State University.  He, and all those who care about him, are rightfully proud.

It was a long, hard road for Tyler.  Upon aging out of  the Florida foster care system he started college full-time, but at the same time he had to work a 40-hour job, manage an unstable housing situation, and deal with ill health and complicated family issues.  He left school and began the difficult journey of self-discovery and finding his own sense of balance.

He says that he did this with the help of a good support network.  Finding these people was not easy – “In the good times, everyone is there, but in the tough times so many of them leave.”  Eventually he moved to Nebraska with his long-time girlfriend and there he found the stability he’d lacked for so long.

We are very proud of Tyler’s accomplishments, past, present and future.

Tomorrow, meet Fanta.

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