We Cannot Fail

FC2S Staff | July 27th, 2012

Ever wonder what it feels like to be a young person who has aged out of the foster care system and is struggling to put themselves through college? We received an astounding letter from one of our students, Michael from Ohio, detailing just this. He forwarded it to us after sending it to his county executive asking for continued funding for a program that provides foster youth w/ a limited amount of money for college. This is his plea:

“We, I, desperately need help from someone or something. We have no families to fall back upon for support. I do not want to ever have to be an adult recipient of foodstamps, Medicaid, public housing, or social security income. I not only want to be successful, I have no choice but to be successful. I have watched, during my brief few years of college, many of my friends failing out of school. They cannot fathom how lucky they are that that is an option for them. We, former foster youth, cannot fail or make serious mistakes, otherwise we will end up on the streets and not in the comforting hands of mom and dad in their suburban home. We cannot fail.”

While petitioning the county for more funding, he acknowledged that programs like ours have helped him out immensely, writing:

“Thanks to the generosity of Foster Care to Success, I’ve been receiving $5,000 a year – mostly to pay down student loans so I don’t drown in them upon graduation. They also generously provide scholarships, learning opportunities, and support to former foster youth. They are an amazing organization.”

Powerful stuff.

Interested in learning more about how you can help young people like Michael in their struggle to graduate?

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  1. Azziyna

    Dear Michael,
    I want to say that I am another newly aged out of care foster youth. The journey has not been as easy one full of struggles and hard falls with no one to pick you up but your own self motivation and resilience. I am currently attending college and trying to manage on my own, only wishing I had the help of parents. I have realized the only way is to succeed. I wish you the best in college education is the ticket and the key. Always remember you are not alone and that you have one up on other students that will ultimately put you ahead in the end. Good luck and bless you.

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