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Always Looking Up

| July 17th,2012

One of our ETV students, Alex, has traveled to Borneo to participate in a program sponsored by Miami University of Ohio and the Cincinnati Zoo. And guess what? He’s keeping a blog about his adventures. His major is primatology with a minor in global sustainability and conservation. He will be studying several species that are [...]

FC2S’ 2012 Summer Celebration

| July 16th,2012

Last week, with generous sponsorship from international law firm Reed Smith, FC2S held our annual Summer Celebration at the firm’s office in downtown Washington, DC.  The celebration wrapped up our 2012 InternAmerica program, which places outstanding students in prestigious internships in Washington, DC and other major cities across the U.S. and provides the assistance they [...]

Living the Dream

| July 9th,2012

DaShae Dunbar is a pyschology major who hopes to go into counseling. She wrote us a quick note about how her InternAmerica internship is working out. Sounds like she’s living the dream! Once again I have been blessed with an opportunity from Foster Care to Success (FC2S) – in the form of a Washington, DC [...]

Kayla Becker: InternAmerica Brings Great Rewards

| July 2nd,2012

Kayla Becker

Kayla Becker is interning thru our InternAmerica program at the American Bar Association’s Center on Children and the Law, where she’s gone from being disinterested to down with politics. Why the change of heart? Her story is below. “Japanese food – my favorite. I wonder if there will be any good Japanese food in Washington, [...]

Every Interaction has an Impact

| June 27th,2012

Rebecca James

Continuing with our InternAmerica student blogs, below is a touching and personal piece from Rebecca James. Rebecca is interning at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) and helping create television segments for Wednesday’s Child. More than 700 children have found permanent loving families after being featured on the Wednesday’s Child television program. And who better [...]

Taking Washington, DC by Storm!

| June 26th,2012


Over the next few weeks we’ll be featuring blog posts by our InternAmerica students. Below is a post from Katie on her exciting internship working for a member of Congress in Washington, DC! My name is Katie and I am double majoring in biology and psychology at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. I [...]

A Ripple Effect

| June 22nd,2012

We love it when the students we serve go on to serve others. And we really love it when they write us to let us know about the impact they’re making in the world. We recently got this email from a former student who received one of our scholarships. He’s using the degree he earned [...]

Father’s Day and Foster Youth

| June 14th,2012


Father’s Day can be an isolating time for foster youth. While thousands around the world are celebrating their paternal fathers, others are lamenting their permanent loss, remembering (sometimes bitterly) parents who are absent from their lives, or just trying to forget. For those who have never experienced parental loss, it’s important to recognize that, just [...]

Daring to Dream

| June 11th,2012

Tremale J. Berger was born in 1986 in Torrance, California. He became a foster child when he was less than 6 months old, and was circulated through multiple homes before arriving at a stable housing situation at the age of two. He was extremely fortunate to have been placed with a foster mother who treated [...]