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May 2013 Heroes

| May 8th,2013


May, as we all know, is Foster Care Month.  A time to celebrate ALL the foster care heroes.  We asked our students to tell us who they would call a hero, and we got hundreds of responses – far too many to post on a blog!  It was very hard, but we chose a representative [...]

“My life is much richer just by knowing her.”

| April 11th,2013

Morgan and Michelle are part of the Foster Care to  Success Academic Success Coaching Program.  The boundaries of this program state that meetings in person are not permitted; however, occasionally an exception is made for coaches and students with a longstanding relationship.  Here is Morgan’s story of meeting her coach, Michelle, for the first time [...]

April 2013 Hero

| April 9th,2013

Now Norma Knits

Some people are heroes behind the scenes.  Such is Norma Miller, knitter (or, “needle artist”) and blogger extraordinaire.  Seven years ago, the Foster Care to Success Care Package Program was undergoing a transformation from boxes of goodies mailed to designated students from their “Secret Santas” to a more structured, thrice yearly endeavor involving thousands of [...]

Another Great Trip Thanks to FC2S!

| April 4th,2013

Over spring break 2013, Victoria, a senior at Marywood University in Pennsylvania, had the incredible opportunity to travel to Poland and visit the cities of Wroclaw and Warsaw with a Foster Care to Success Study Abroad Scholarship.  Here is what she has to say about her trip: Most of my time was spent in Wroclaw, [...]

Next year’s goals are GRAND!

| March 27th,2013

Every year, we ask our returning scholarship recipients to answer an essay prompt as part of the hoops they have to jump through in order to get a scholarship the following.  Small hoops, and we help them through – and good hoops, because they make you think.  Here’s the essay prompt: Everybody has long-term plans [...]

Sometimes it’s not just about classroom learning.

| March 15th,2013

Recently Amy Hale, a senior at the University of Colorado, Denver, and seven other students from a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs traveled to rural Southwest Guatemala to study sustainable development and health care. We’re proud to have been able to support her trip with FC2S Study Abroad Funding.   Here is what Amy has [...]

March 2013 Hero

| March 12th,2013

Lisa Valentine

I will never forget the first time I saw foster youth advocate Lisa Dickson.  It was at a  conference seven or eight years ago, and – truly! – across a crowded room she shone like a star, surrounded by chattering, laughing teenagers.  With her platinum ringlets cascading and her Taylor Swift red lipstick, she sparkled [...]

Ricardo Redd and Lessons Learned

| February 19th,2013

Ricardo Redd is a senior at Barry University in Florida, set to graduate next December with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre and a solid 3.0 GPA.  He’s come a long way in the years we’ve known him, as he’s learned to excel at school and in his chosen craft while handling the responsibilities of independent [...]

February 2013 Hero

| February 15th,2013

Amanda graduation picture

Amanda Metivier spent three years in foster care before aging out, and going on to receive a Bachelor’s (2008) and Master’s (2012) degree in Social Work from the University of Alaska Anchorage. Amanda has been a foster parent to teen girls, and is coordinator and founder of the advocacy organization Facing Foster Care in Alaska [...]

January 2013 Hero

| January 2nd,2013

Thuch in the South Sudan

Thuch Malual Deng graduated from the University of Washington on June 11, 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health/Individualized Studies and Diversity.  He came to this country a “lost boy of the Sudan;” he knows his graduation date but not his birthday – all “lost boys” celebrate on January 1 because, “growing up without [...]