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Keturah T. shines with optimism

| May 12th,2014

AIM HIGHER – Keturah is a student at Riverside Community College in California, but she dreams of moving to Washington, D.C. and being a counselor with her own office.

Willow N., an artist saving lives

| May 11th,2014

AIM HIGHER – Willow works for a company that produces the cloth hoods that go under fire helmets.  She is proud of her job, because her sewing skills and artistic abilities are used to directly save lives.

Alex G., intrepid traveler

| May 10th,2014

AIM HIGHER – Alex was an Aim Higher Fellow last summer, and the experience taught her a lot about herself and the importance of following one’s dream – in a realistic way by taking small steps to a goal.

Christopher A., proving them wrong

| May 9th,2014

AIM HIGHER – As a high school student, people told Christopher that he couldn’t go to college and that, “nobody here does that.” Christopher wanted to prove them wrong, and he did.

Philip S., King of Selfies

| May 8th,2014

AIM HIGHER – Philip calls himself the king of “selfies” (self-portraits taken with a mobile phone). He enjoys snapping well-positioned photos of himself, smiling broadly and wearing the most fashionable of clothes.

Nina W., in college and proud of it

| May 7th,2014

AIM HIGHER – Nina didn’t always expect to go to college. In high school, she struggled with depression, and with finding a place to live. By her senior year, though, she started rethinking what she wanted from life and recognized the importance of a college education.

Bert C., aspiring doctor

| May 6th,2014

AIM HIGHER – Bert dreams of becoming a doctor. He wants to serve other people, and apply the skills he is learning at Kent State University. Currently, he struggles in his Chemistry class, but he seeks out campus resources and believes that he will succeed.

Lavonte H., dad and student

| May 5th,2014

AIM HIGHER – Lavonte is currently going to school to become an EMT. He dreams of helping people and saving lives. He will graduate with his associate degree from Lakeland Community College in Ohio this coming fall.

Chelsea M. carries the flame

| May 4th,2014

Chelsea (B.A. English Education, BYU-Idaho, 2012) was an FC2S Aim Higher Fellow last summer, and the experience gave her just the boost of confidence she needed to start teaching her career as a middle school language arts teacher.

Sara B., congratulations!

| May 3rd,2014

AIM HIGHER – Sara first received an FC2S scholarship in 2007, when she was working on her associate degree.  This  month, age 30, she finally accepted her diploma from Edison Community College in Florida, with a cumulative 3.34 GPA.