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Congratulations to Given Kachepa, D.D.S.

| June 3rd,2015

FC2S proudly says congratulations to Given Kachepa for receiving his Doctor of Dental Surgery May 27, 2015 from Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry! Given’s unforgettable journey is an excellent example of how determination, resiliency and hard work coupled with a caring, supportive community can help foster youth not only receive a postsecondary education […]

I am Not Alone!

| May 15th,2015

By Panny, East Carolina University In college there are many times where I feel like I am often alone and have no one to turn to, especially during the moments where I feel lost and clueless about the direction of my life. Although I have past experiences that I want to forget, I am also […]

Daily Reminders that Someone Cares

| May 15th,2015

By Torri, Missouri State University My freshman year of college was a pretty stressful time as I balanced school and finding a job that fit my class schedule. I received my first care package around Valentine’s Day, which was the perfect time because I really needed a pick me up. There were chocolates, which I […]

A Connection to Strangers

| May 15th,2015

By Josh, Syracuse University When I sit and think on it, I still well up with emotion as I remember every care package I received from Orphan Foundation of America (OFA). Each package included a combination of items that somehow met all my needs as a college student. The first thing I would usually notice […]

Birthday and Christmas All in One

| May 15th,2015

James, University of South Carolina In 2006, while attending Georgia Military College, I was accepted into the Orphan Foundation of America Scholarship Program (now called Foster Care to Success). I was so thrilled to receive the acceptance letter because I knew the scholarship would be an enormous help. Not only was I awarded the scholarship […]

More than Just an Energy Boost!

| May 15th,2015

By Lacresha, Frostburg State University Imagine moving into your dorm for the first time; you are not sure what to expect and how to make new friends. Your foster parent helps you bring in your belongings and wishes you luck. As you are unloading your luggage alone, your roommate and her family enter the room. […]

May is National Foster Care Month!

| May 1st,2015

May 2015 is National Foster Care Month, a month specially designated each year to recognize the countless people and organizations improving the lives of young people in foster care across the country. Established under President Reagan in 1988, National Foster Care Month is a special time to celebrate every individual who makes a difference in […]

[Guest Blog] Making Time to Show Kindness

| April 15th,2015

“Now!” “Mine!” “No!” These are three lovely words that I hear frequently as the mom of a 4 year old and a 1.5 year old. Let’s face it: Kids are selfish, and the truth is, we all are. Attempting to fight this selfishness, I resolved to serve more with my kids, and this resolution has […]

New Mexico Wins in Foster Youth’s Medicaid Coverage

| April 8th,2015

New Mexico, along with 13 other states, has made an enormous leap for providing Medicaid coverage for foster youth. Governor Susana Martinez signed legislation requiring the state to provide Medicaid coverage to former foster children up to age 26, no matter what state they resided in when they aged out of foster care. Why is […]

Passion: The Heart of a True Gentleman

| April 8th,2015

Three years ago Tremale Berger stood confidently in front of a crowd. He looked out at the gathering of around 40 young men, certain his eloquently prepared speech would compel the youth to action. A sea of wide, expecting eyes rested on Tremale, and as he scanned the room and looked into the eyes of […]