Fanta K., boldly facing a new future

| May 28th, 2014

AIM HIGHER – When Fanta arrived in the U.S. from Sierra Leone, the Maryland winters shocked her. “I came in June, but then around October the weather started changing. It was too cold!  I didn’t think I would be here for that long,” she says.

Tyler B. is achieving his goals

| May 27th, 2014

AIM HIGHER – Twenty-nine year old Tyler just received his associate degree – with honors – in Behavioral Science from Northeast Community College in Nebraska, and will now pursue his bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology from Wayne State University.  He, and all those who care about him, are rightfully proud.

Gary L. will treat children and make them laugh

| May 26th, 2014

AIM HIGHER – Gary is currently studying a combination of Psychology, Natural Sciences, and Nursing at the University of Alaska-Anchorage. He will graduate with his BA in 2017.  He dreams of becoming a nurse practitioner for Children’s Services, and perhaps sharing his expertise as an instructor at the University of Alaska.

Patricia M. wants to inspire little children

| May 25th, 2014

AIM HIGHER – Patricia wants to be the kind of Kindergarten teacher who inspires her students. Her dream job is to teach at Oakwood Elementary School in Plymouth, MN, where she attended classes until fourth grade.

Edward C., step one accomplished!

| May 24th, 2014

AIM HIGHER – Edward dreams of working for a large corporation. As a Texas A&M University student, he was just accepted into their selective Industrial Engineering program. Congratulations to him! 

Cody D., renaissance man

| May 23rd, 2014

AIM HIGHER – Cody changed schools seven times before finally being placed in foster care his freshman year of high school.  Like many other foster children he struggled with the adjustment of living with a new family and getting along at a new school, although he was more fortunate than many because, “I’ve always had someone […]

Sindy H., runner and dreamer

| May 20th, 2014

AIM HIGHER – Sindy is a student at Humboldt State University, and in May 2015, she will graduate with a degree in Sociology. She wants to be more than a social worker, though. Her dreams include policy making and instituting significant reforms within the field of child welfare.

Damien S., following in the footsteps of Jacques Cousteau

| May 19th, 2014

AIM HIGHER – Damien says that the best job title he ever had was “High School Explainer” at the San Francisco Exploratorium.  He got to run hands-on science demonstrations for children and families. “They would ask, ‘What’s this?’ and I would be able to break it down for them.